How to create “greener” cosmetic formulas

Time: 15:00 - 15:20

Date: 10/03/2022


In recent years, accomplish a sustainable development has been a focus point of our society and consumer demands accompany this. In the cosmetic industry, we have been seeing a shift where products are more and more marketed with a “greener” approach, being formulated with natural or natural derived ingredients. However, a “greener” cosmetic formula can not only rely on using natural or natural derived ingredients but rather assess their sustainability, evaluating what is the environmental and social impact of the ingredients used. In this communication is provided an overview of the current situation regarding the sustainable extraction of raw materials from nature, innovative technological advances to sustainable produce novel cosmetic ingredients, certifications that assure a transparent and ethical supply chain and a discussion on ingredients already used to replace others that showed to have an enormous impact on ecosystems.


  • Rita Figueiredo Study Director of Formulation and Quality Control Department - Inovapotek

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