New approaches on Image Analysis to substantiate cosmetics claims

Time: 11:00 - 11:20

Date: 10/03/2022


New approaches on Image Analysis to substantiate cosmetics claims


Pedro Contreiras Pinto, Ph.D 1, Joana Pereira MSc 2, Ana Gomes MSc 2, Manuel Fitas PharmD 1

1PhD Trials R&D Department, Lisbon, Portugal

2PhD Trials Technical Department, Lisbon, Portugal


Image analysis is fundamental for Cosmetic Industry to have a better understanding of their products, and is a powerful tool to help marketing promotion.

The present work shows advanced in vivo non-invasive approaches to facial and skin evaluation which are able to substantiate several effects on the human skin.


The skin´s changes were assessed using four different methods: a stereometry system combined with a fringe projection technique (AEVA-HE), a standard digital face photography (VISIA, Canfield Scientific), a 3D ultra high-resolution image capture (VECTRA-XT) and confocal microscopy (Vivascope) to see the modifications related with ageing process and the effect of an anti-wrinkle and hydration products. Using these techniques, we develop new software capable of showing the biometric changes projected in the 3D images.


Techniques such as mean face, multiple 3D imaging and skin biomechanics imaging, allow to show several parameters on skin, on an in vivo non-invasive and illustrative way, and therefore they can be a powerful complement on the assessment of skin ageing, skincare, haircare and make-up effects.


  • Pedro Contreiras Pinto PhD Trials, Portugal

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