Round-table “Focus on cosmetics future”

Time: 11:30 - 12:30

Date: 11/03/2022




Focus on cosmetics future.

The future of cosmetic products is clearly in sight, since there are a series of very clear drivers that have been initiated in recent years and that have been reinforced during the pandemic. Focus on how the various social, digital and scientific advances are influencing the consumer sector and, since we are in a leading sector that moves at the pace of fashion, with a very high rate of innovation and an increasingly strict regulatory framework guided by European Green Deal and new USA and China regulations, although more global, what is really positive news.

With all this there are a series of couples that focus the attention of the future in the sector: On the one hand, the universe and the metaverse and on the other, the planet and people.

We can recreate a cosmetic product of a brand that we are engaged with in the metaverse, because of the transparency of the brand, with a “cleaner” formula, biodegradable ingredients, greener manufacturers with international kpis of sustainability and digitalization of traceability from the filling equipment. The packaging will be recycled or reused or biodegradable. This product will also have a lower carbon footprint due to transportation and it will generate less waste.

The consumer will be more socially engaged, better informed thanks to digital development, and with more affinity to follow and buy products related to their needs, their beliefs and their lifestyle. The sales channel will be digitized and optimized through the metaverse, the blockchain and Big Data, allowing the relationship between brands and the consumer to be much closer.


Zoran Gravic


In the view of continuously developing cosmetic market and the upcoming changes in cosmetics regulation, ERPA would like to present its view on some “future” challenges of this very dynamic market. We will reflect on the growing complexities in the cosmetics supply chains, challenges with defining the respective roles and responsibilities, the future of safety assessments, testing and testing standards.

These reflections represent the point of view of independent Responsible Persons, Safety Assessors and supporting Laboratories and Service Providers, united under the ERPA umbrella.”


  • Zoran Gravic European Cosmetics Responsible Person Association (ERPA), Holland
  • Ana Rocamora Spanish Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SEQC), Spain
  • View full profile for Alexandra MoreiraAlexandra Moreira Infarmed, Portugal
  • Marta de Oliveira Ferreira Portuguese Society of Cosmetic Sciences (SPCC), Portugal
  • Ana Maria Couras Association of Cosmetics, Perfumery and Body Hygiene Industries (AIC), Portugal

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