Stand No: 134

Address: C/ Joan Monpeó 149

Contact: Miquel Ramírez Vizcaíno

Telephone: 34 696 495 434



CHEMIPOL it’s a spanish company manufacturer of cosmetic additives specialized in microbiology and preservatives production, in our range can find from the well-knowledge classic substances to the most modern & innovative formulations with the lower toxicological profile. Natural origin it’s possible, and we have products for ECOCERT , COSMOS & Natrue projects.

Make easy the preservation of your cosmetics visiting COSMOPOL, Chemipol cosmetic preservative selection tool, will help you to obtain the better recommendation adapted to your formulation.

Chemipol is dedicated to working in a sustainable way, with integrity, honesty and transparency, with the objective of being the preferred supplier for customers. Chemipol’s team is comprised of highly qualified professionals, who draw upon expertise gained for more than 40 years.