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Stand No: 104

Address: Kiel, Germany; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Barcelona, Spain

Contact: Rita Ribau Domingues, Senior Consultant

Telephone: +34 600 34 85 90

Email: rdomingues@olfasense.com

Web: www.olfasense.com

Twitter URL: https://twitter.com/olfasense

With more than 30 years of experience and a laboratory network across Europe, Asia and the Americas, Olfasense has become a global supplier of choice for industry-leading, accredited odour testing services to optimize products, support quality control, and to scientifically substantiate product claims, using sensory and molecular analysis. Example studies include odour and aroma profiling, off-odour identification using GC-Sniffing-MS, odour reduction and masking efficacy tests, cross-tests of product variants, odour related claim supports, home use tests, molecular screening, optimised bespoke test designs, etc. Concerning cosmetic products, we offer tailored-made and standardized techniques for testing fragrance perception for a successful product development.